Sulcart introductons


Hey everyone
First time really being on any Forums i read a lot but never really write. Started playing SC three weeks ago and quickly became my fav game to play. Hope to be apart of a crew and work together to explore around and make it fun.


Hello Sulcart and welcome,

What about SC interests you the most?


Hello Sulcart and welcome to ADI! You have come to the right place for exploration! There is always something going on and a lot of exploring to be done! See you in game!


Welcome to the org and the game, Sulcart! Can’t wait to see you in the 'Verse!


Welcome to ADI Sulcart. What division did you decide on? I went with commerce and transportation.


welcome to ADI Sulcart it was nice talking to you I will see you in the verse


Hallo Sulcart! Welcome to Atlas! Don’t worry about taking a slow start to Forums but don’t hesitate to ask questions about the game or if you need a hand with anything be it on forums, Discord, or Mumble.


Hey Sulcart. Welcome to ADI and cant wait to hear more from you when we see you in the verse.


Welcome to ADI! And welcome to forums! I have been on forum sites since I was a wee youngin.


Welcome to ADI Sulcart :slight_smile:

This is a good community so think you will find you have good reason to be active on this forum.
We have a lot of OPs going on in ADI so feel free to sign up and join them otherwise hop on Mumble and Discord to find people to fly with.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome to ADI Sulcart! Glad you’re looking to join us on our adventures into the 'Verse.


I used to play Osiris and Eve and was about to progress to No mans sky when i found star citizen by mistake. I watched about 5 minutes of gameplay and knew this was what I was looking for in the combo of planet and flying. Then when I actually read HOW they got their money and that they were serous about working ona good game and not trying to meet some silly time line set by investors who do not understand about game mechanics but rather money I was sold. I really love how they have used networking to eliminate load times when moving between servers.


Hey NovaRex, I am really excited about Exploration and Survey and have choosen Survey Scout.


Thank you all for the warm greeting and I am really looking forward to what is to come from this game and this group!


Welcome to the org, Sulcart! As you can tell already, we are a very active and encouraging bunch of people. Excited to have you with us. I understand that some members are more of the silent observers when it comes to the forums. Fortunately for you, there is plenty of material to read through. Looking forward to having you with us!


Welcome, Sulcart !

What time zone are you in? Haven’t seen you yet. People are very helpful in Mumble, and I like getting on it just to hear the chatter if nothing else, regularly pick up tips and info.

Also, in case you haven’t discovered, if you’re in the Hurston or Port Olisar area the missions offer some good payouts - in those areas at least you can find Mercenary and Delivery missions that pay $7k-$9k. Mercenary missions offer ground FPS that I find a lot of fun, and the Delivery missions are just carrying a crate from one location to another. We’re often running cargo convoys each day. Have fun in the verse.


Hey Cashe,

I am in central Time zone and get online to play around 8pm to 9 pm and play for a few hours each day. I have been running feright missions from Lorisville usually. They offer 3 to 4 K a pop vs PO 1200 k missions.


Welcome, Sulcart. You’ll find yourself in good company with the evening time slot you mentioned; look forward to seeing you in the verse. Fly Safe!


Welcome to ADI Sulcart. I’m just a couple weeks ahead of you in play time. ADI is the place to be, there’s always something going on here. The weekly ops are fun if you get chosen and the daily/nightly play offers everything from guys looking to police the black to locking down SPK. There’s the certifications to pursue and the missions, and if you need help there’s always players willing to drop whatever they’re doing to come to your rescue. It’s a great team to be a part of.


Hey Sulcart, welcome to ADI and the E&S div!