Suggestions for dual monitor set up?

Good day!

I have been looking around for a pair of monitors I can run. Anything in the 300-600 dollar range.

Any suggestions?

Assuming you mean 300-600 total, not each… I’ve got two Asus VN248H-P monitors that are serving me just fine right now. 1080p, 5ms, LED - nothing fancy but they get the job done, and currently $150 after $20 rebate on Amazon ($160 on Newegg). Mounting them on a Planar dual monitor stand (997-5253-00, $76.50 on Amazon) right now - the screens are as big as the stand will hold (barely angled as is), but they work for me. ~$400 total, so low-mid on your range.

Thanks for the input, Dragon. I am rarely on the monitor market, so I don’t really keep tabs on it all that much.

I’m not that up to date on it either - we’re talking late 2013, early 2014 for mine. Still a reference point though.