Suggested joystick combo

Anyone have a recommendation for a joystick combo that will work with SC that I can control both directions, speed, programmable buttons, etc.

Thank you

Take a look at the Saitek x52, x55 x65. We also have the XML files for these (as well as others) than you can download. We try to keep all the HOTAS set ups the same for each model. All of these will do a good job.

If you do go with one of the Saitek, also get a powered USB hub to plug them into.

I have an X55. The quality isn’t the greatest but I haven’t broken it, and that really means something. I did have to disassemble it and lubricate the joints. (The yaw was sticking and so was the throttle.) Took me about 5 min’s for both and have worked flawless ever since.

It also probably depends on your price tag. the X55 is about $200.00 new but you can find them cheaper if you look. The X52 is also good but not nearly as many buttons. The X55 was middle of the road for me. Not as pricey as the warthog but more equipped than others. And I’m confident I can sell it later and upgrade if I wanted to.

It’s all about what you want out of it.

Thank you for the info. I will take a look around and see. I guess I can hit someone up for the button programing that is recommended


All the profiles you need.