Hi all,

I’m not verry good at introducing myself and I also misspelled my username lol… I love playing sim games like war thunder with my HOTAS and arma 3 on KOTH or EXILE transporting troops with helis. At the momment I dont have all my gear (just for the summer).
In Star Citizen I dont play it much because there isnt mutch to do… in my opinion and I also dont know what type of player I want to be… and thats all… I think

Hey there Storm! Welcome to ADI.

I went ahead and updated your name to Storm007. If you haven’t already, go ahead and hop on mumble when you have some time to finish up the onboarding process. Hope to see you around soon.

Hey Storm007!

Glad to see you on here! Pretty awesome that you get to spend the summer in another country. Looking forward to gaming with you in Star Citizen, especially as we get more and more content!


Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Storm007!

Thank you for letting me sit in on your onboarding. I hope that you have some good luck flying around exploring with us, the more people we have out there searching the more likely we are to find all the goodies!

Hello Storm007,

I’m glad you’re joining ADI! It sounds like you’ve got a lot of space sims and other flight sim experience behind you. That will serve you well, I’m sure. I look forward to getting to know you more in mumble and in game. Best wishes to you!

Hello Storm007,

welcome to ADI. We are all waiting for the next SC update then I m sure we will have more to do and a lot of us will appears. Meanwhile, if you get time, join us in discord and mumble and maybe we see us somewhere in the verse.