Still alive, just busy.

Greetings all,
Just letting people know that I am still alive not just squatting in mumble’s loiter channel. I am just very busy with college winding down, exams and finals looming. Precal and Chem are giving me a tough time so I decided to focus on trying to pass. I will try to set aside some free time on Fridays so i can relax and hang out more and get to know people.

Be back soon!

No worries and thanks for letting us know!
Good luck in your finals!

And hey, feel free to stop by if you need a study break - there’s a couple of us who might just be able to help you out if you’re stuck on something. cough I’m a mechanical engineer cough

I am really busy to but for some different reason, I can’t be on as much as i would like. Being in the military doesnt always gives you free time. Soon I’ll be able to play more.