Still AFK

Hello ADI,

My divorce is finalized now but I am still out traveling and road tripping seeing all the state and national parks, & beaches I come across. Soon as I settle down I get to build a new command center and PC. “weee… cough”

Getting ready to start an east coast beach tour starting in Panama City wrapping around the east coast stopping at Virginia Beach most likely, which starts on the 1st. DM me if you want to grab a beer, fish, or whatever if your out that way.

In Star Citizen news…

Far as FS goes I see the Scorpius but it didn’t excite me so it’s still a maybe. Hoping for some good news at the digital Citizencon this year. Wished it were live.

Fly Safe ADI


Hey man as always rl comes first and take care of yourself out there. Enjoy the travel and experiences Cole and hope to see you around the 'Verse once you get your new PC up and chugging along.

It’s always nice to check in for members who have been gone for months at a time. Thanks and good to hear your travelling while you can!

West coast of Florida day 2. And… Raining all week.

East coast was nice bit more rain then I wanted though.

Anyone in MN up for some adventure or drinks?

September is Colorado and Utah.

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