Hello there !

I’m Starowski 33yo from Switzerland. I’m totally new to Star Citizen and very excited to discover the 'Verse !

In the past 15 years, I’ve been playing a wide range of MMO’s: EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, Lord Of The Ting Online, Star Wars the Old Republic and finally Aion. Today, I mainly play War Thunder (simulation only).

I’d define myself as a casual gamer, life comes first. Although I’m an easy-going player, I really like mature organizations and structures. I know what it takes to play as a team and even more in multi-teams. I think reliability, patience, coordination and communication are key words.

Untill now, I’ve always been playing direct support roles, like medics. Here and now I’d like to start something new and I hope I’ll find the way to help and back up our organization in a transport, commerce and trade role. As long as I find myself useful for someone here, I’ll have fun!!!

Hope to see you up there !


Hello Starowski,

Good to have you with us. There will be plenty of demand for support players of all kinds. Looking forward to get to know you.

Hey Starowski!

Welcome to the ADI Forums! If you haven’t already, please hop onto our mumble server and complete your onboarding. A Staff member (denoted by |T|, |AD|, |D| or |SD|) should be available to help you out.

If you’ve already done that, then I hope to see you around on Mumble and in the 'verse. If you do ever get bored of playing SC, we do have other supported games that you should be aware of. ARK has become a favorite of lots of us here at ADI and we are active on that game as well. We also have several people who are playing CoD: Infinite Warfare.

I’ve also been a fan (and player) of SWTOR and there are a few other members who have played the game as well. What I’m really hoping for is that StarCitizen will be what we hoped Galaxies always could be.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough. See you around!

Hey WaterDrop, DHawk Thanks

See you around ;o)

Welcome Starowski, thx for being patient with me :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI, Starowski! Never can have enough support guys. I have a feeling you will be in much demand. See you in the pub!

Nah thanks to you ! ;o)

I definitly loved me some SWG. Village Jedi or before that? Anyhow, Welcome to the ADI

I was a combat medic and I quit SWG a few month after the first Jedis showed up. Think it was before Jedi Village. You needed to master all professions to get force sensitive.

See you ;o)

Welcome Starowski!

And thank you for your interest in ADI! Good to see that Sinlo got you on-boarded, and we hope you’re enjoying your holiday season. You’re joing a great Org if you’re looking for an exclusive group that play’s hard but who lives by a “life comes first” motto just as you do. Be sure to take some time getting settled in and getting to know a few members; we hold a SC/ADI associated Friday night flight night which is where you can get to know many of them. ADI also supports a few other games, such as ARK & CoD, so if your interests lie with any of those, be sure to hook up with us there as well.

Either way, let us know if you have any other questions, and once again, welcome to the ADI family!