Starforged - new member


I’m Starforged. I’m focused more on exploration, but am willing to assist in other areas as well when needed. I recently bought a Freelancer so that I could take friends along, and came back for 3.0 (of course). Sadly my mic is broken at the moment, so I can’t use mumble yet. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

Hey there Starforged - welcome to the ADI community, it is great to have you joining us.

I am sure you will not be the only person returning to activity in Star Citizen with the coming of 3.0 - we are all certainly hoping that it adds a lot more to the game and delivers on the expectations that have been set.

You will absolutely find yourself at home here in ADI if exploration is your goal - we have a division and a job for everything with the support of thousands of dedicated members filling every other role. Be sure to take the chance to get to know some of the folks in the Exploration and Survey division once you complete your onbaording.

Speaking of which - unfortunately we do require a fully functional mic in order to complete the application and onboarding process. That said, we absolutely understand that things break - so whenever you have a functional mic again, please feel free to hop on and complete the process. Regardless of when that may be, there will be a spot for you in ADI.

Welcome again and I look forward to gaming with you.

Hi Forge,

welcome to the forum, was a nice talk on spectrum with you, hope to see you soon in the verse and talk to you

If you have any questions or need help, just give a short note and i try to look, how i can support you



Welcome Starforged!

Looking forward to meeting you once you get that microphone working :slight_smile:

Exploration is going to be a very fun division and as Infandus said we have jobs a plenty. The freelancer is a great ship, one of my favorite to fly in the PU right now, good choice!

Welcome! Its great having you!

Hello Starforged,

Now is an excellent time to join with 3.0 around the corner. Exploration will be an exciting area to play, especially this patch! See you around soon hopefully.