StarChaser78 Intro

Hello, name name is Mike and friends call me Russ that I game with. Im a US Veteran and love to game at my leisure and to help charities like Extra Life once a year. Im new to the game as of 1Aug2018 and hope to become an asset to the community as I learn more and able to help in a productive manner. My 1st though is I will enjoy C&T missions, yet time will tell where I can excel at. Thank you for your time and hope to grow whit this team!


Welcome to ADI, StarChaser78
Clad you joined us, we had good chat during OB, see you on mumble and verse

Hi StarChaser,

Welcome to ADI. Always good to see a new name join us. Hope to get a chance to fly with you soon.

PS thank you for your service

Welcome to ADI, feel free to ask any questions and were glad to have you on board with us =D

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Skyler!