Star Citizen: Roccat Power Grid

This was brought up in Mumble by Tau while we were playing some 2.1 last night.
Star Citizen: Roccat Power Grid! - YouTube
I installed it on my PC and an android I had laying around, it works fantastic!
Also works with iPads. I highly recommend it and thanks to Tau for showing it to me.

Here’s the links
Roccat Power-Grid Website
Star Citizen Roccat Power Grids by Third - RSI Community Forums

That is really cool.

If you dig around Blackwell crash site there is another thread about it.

I agree it’s very cool. I’ve used it myself and made some grids for SC.

As soon star citizen sorts out more of mechanics I might try to make some other types of grids.

To save digging here it is

Also there was another thread on the RSI forums about this. Didn’t realise Third make another one in the AC sub forums.

Here it is any way.
forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … oodness/p1

very cool. I just loaded it up on the tablet and Im going to give it a try

Thanks for this… I downloaded and installed… great tool…

I strongly suggest waiting roccat is very limiting compared to other tools coming.

Ooh interesting! Any info on this?

To be fair, if the software suits the purpose then no real need for anything else.

I used it and it’s nice. Any hints JayC?

I have to agree with Jay on this.
While the Power Grids are novel to use.
It is a bit limited in function, response time is not always exact. (would not be good for Combat)
I found this out while testing some of the early Roccat panels with Trachmyr. (who was making them at the time)

I can’t say anymore, but something big is coming.

Powergrid is ok as long as you are aware of its limitations, it is not something you want to be relying on during combat. For non essential tasks it works fine, in my opinion it is better than voice attack but Jays secret solution will blow them both out of the water once it’s ready.

Keep us posted