Star Citizen Live Action Show

Hey all,

CaptCanada here, someone you already know but within the last few months my crew and I have written and just recently started filming a SC live action show. Its a comedy, hopefully good for a few laughs, here is a trailer. I would be very interested in seeing what you all think of the look and feel !

Thanks all


Playlist for all 5 Episodes … Lbc9lyyeTZ

Edit a New Episode is out Episode 5 take a look

Look forward to seeing what you have in store for us. Dig the soundtrack!

Yeah, I like the tunes. Keep us posted!

Its a huge project we are currently filming all week , each episode aims to be 5-10 min long. I just wanted to use SC to make something light and fun hopefully people would get a laugh out of here and there, and test out the green screen skills and editing.

Looks nice.
From the looks of the trailer - You’re in need of diffusion for one of your lights.
It created several harsh shadows on your principle actor, from the right-side of the frame.

Good luck with this. Am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Trailer looked good. well put together

Here is the first full Episode hope you guys like it.

Nice job

Really awesome. great work

This is awesome man.

I enjoyed it, looking forward to the next one.

Jeez thanks guys, glad yea liked it !

ya man it looks good can wait till the next one!

Nice work!

Really fun stuff, waiting for the second installment… kind of like a space soap:-)

Very cool, man. Always great to see someone’s creativity bearing fruit. Keep up the good work!

Thanks guys! We hope to have a new episode every Monday, so we are editing episode two right now, fixing all the mistakes and using suggestions to make Ep 2 better.

Hey guys me again, here is episode two of the SC series I wrote and filmed, please its a huge help if you give the video the old thumbs up maybe leave a comment on the youtube video. Thanks!!

Digging it, bro. Ed is a funny fucker, same with Doc.