Star citizen lag issue

So… my computer is above the recommended with quad core 16gb of RAM and a GTX 980 but it is still laggy, even on the low setting and just walking around the hangar. any advice here or tips I should know about?

The game is not optimized, it’s running slow for everybody :wink:

What are the rest of your computer specs, and how many fps are you getting?

Edit: my specific problem was getting lagspikes or graphic freezes where the sound would keep playing in the background but the monitor just freezing on a frame. If this is the issue you’re having you might wanna try this.

I used to have that issue but got way better response from just upping the prio on star citizen in task manager. If you wanna try it, go to this tab and change the priority of starcitizen.exe to high:

Don’t go changing it to Realtime though, I did that (cuz hey, higher prio is better right?) and the game just straight up froze my computer.


To improve your experience, you could try using a modified user.cfg file. It might increase your FPS a bit or a lot, depending on how good you tweak it.

Here is a link … -guide.41/