Star citizen cig party meetup

For those who don’t know the cig party is Saturday march 7 at 6pm. Backers can get in at 5:30 and vip at 5:00. The event cost $15 and you can pre-order your ticket on the star citizen website.

Since this event is separate from PAX East and doesn’t require you to have a PAX East ticket I thought I would make a separate forum post for those going to this event who would like to meet up there.

I will coordinate the meetup. All you need to do is post here that u will be attending and I will pm u to get contact information and arrange a time for everyone to meet, either outside or inside the event depending on weather.

So if you are going to the CIG party and would like to meet fellow org mates please let me know.

I’m assuming I don’t know anything about this since wherever it is would cost too much to get to. Where is it? :slight_smile:

It is in Boston and only costs $15 … -CIG-Party


Date: Saturday March 7th, 2015
Location: Royale Boston, 279 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02116
5:00 PM Subscriber and VIP Entry

5:30 pm Backer Entry

6:00 pm Presentation

Admission: $15
Age Restriction: 21+

Tickets will be on sale until Wednesday March 4th, 2015, or until sold out.
Tickets will be able to be printed on Thursday March 5th, 2015.

Please note that you do NOT need tickets to PAX East to attend the event. Royale Boston is an off-site venue and the event is organized for Star Citizen backers by Cloud Imperium Games. The event’s age restriction has been set by the venue and IDs will be checked upon entry.

We are honored and excited to share the next stage of development of Star Citizen and look forward to interacting with those in attendance.

We have a thread about pax already ?

Pax and cig party are 2 separate events. While they both occur on Saturday (pax all weekend) it is not required to go to pax in order to go to the cig party.

So some people might not be able to go to pax but can afford $15 for the exclusive star citizen party.

Rather then have a confusing pax thread where people are talking about going to pax and some people mentioning going to the cig party I made a thread exclusively for those that will attend the cig party. Regardless of if they are going to attend pax east or not.