Spotty playtime

I apoligize if this is in the wrong area,but I just wanted to let you guys know, my in game playtime is going to decrease drastically. Im a new member, but I did not know if I needed to apply for leave time or anything, with my soon-to-be decreased activity. My health has taken a turn for the worse, and so I will be going to increased Dr/Specialist visits (dont worry im not dying lol). And coimbine that with an adjusted work schedule to coincide with that, I will have a hard time finding time, to get on and play. I will still be hanging around discord. It gives me somethings to read, and keep up to date on everything going on. I hope everyone is ok with this. I hope to see you guys in the verse again soon!


RL always comes first (Rule 3). Get healthy and don’t worry about your standing here. Take care of yourself.

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No problem, real life first. Hope your health improves soon.

Dude, no worries. Like they said; Rule 3. We’ll be here to celebrate your return, whenever you decide that is. Take care of yourself, and good reading.

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