Spotticusss Introduction

Hello fellow pilots. My name is Spotticusss. I come from the land of Spotta. My homeland was lost to war. I seek to redeem the honor of my people. To protect and explore our vast galaxy. I’m proud to serve.

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Greetings Spotticusss! Pleasure to meet you during the on-boarding process. Great intro and we will very glad to have you defending our homeland! Look forward to seeing you out there in the verse. Please feel free to ask away any questions.

Welcome Spotticusss! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI Spotticusss, glad to have you! If you have any questions about ADI feel free to ask, we’ll be happy to answer any you may have! I look forward to flying with you around the verse!

Welcome, Spotticusss! Glad you decided to make a new home with us. You will find more than pilots among our ranks. There are plenty of people to fight along side with. See you around!

Welcome to ADI Spotticusss! We’re a big Org and you’ll find lots to do with us in the 'Verse, so if you have any questions or want to try out any gameplay or ships (since a bunch of us have pretty big hangars lol) just ask!

Welcome to ADI Spotticusss. The land of Spotta; is this lore or history? I’ve never heard of Spotta in either context. Regardless, I’m sure we’ll get along fine.

Hi and welcome to ADI Spotticusss, hope to see you flying around the verse soon

Hi Spotticusss, Welcome to ADI. Love your intro post and hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome to your new home Spotticusss, looking forward to learn more about your home world. See you in the verse

Welcome Spotticusss. Sorry to hear about your home but you’ve found the best new home in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Spotticusss! You joined a great org with really good people.

Welcome Spotticusss to ADI, we’re all looking forward to company in the ever expanding verse. Exploration is an adventure that many of us will enjoy more with company. Good to have you with us.

Howdy, Spotti. Welcome here at Atlas Defense Industries. I hope to see you in the verse one day… :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard to ADI Spotticusss! Look forward to fighting/flying along side of you in the Verse!