spinning out of control

How do I stop my misc freelancer from spinning out of control when I e.v.a. ?
I didn’t have this problem with 2.5

If you arrest all of the ships momentum before exiting the pilot seat that should allow you to EVA without the ship spinning about.

Try holding the space brake for a few moments before (and maybe even while) you are exiting the pilot seat.

If this does not work, there may be a bug.

Keep an eye on where your mouse is pointing too and try not to bump into anything on your way out.
Sometimes if you knock into a doorway or wall whilst getting out/in you’ll spin ships (caused mainly by collision glitches, can’t imagine you’d be able to push a Freelancer that hard).

If none of the above suggestions work. Try landing on a surface (asteroid, etc.) using the Landing mode.

This may help.

I suggest you only use the rear cargo door in the Freelancer. Sometimes if you exit or enter the side door, you start spinning or in the worst case, fly 287.1km away from your ship! At least it did in the 2.5.

Ah I had this issue with a Connie…

I thought I was doing something wrong but the thing was a wondrous spinning top of DOOM!

It’s actually a known buy with some of the bigger ships. My Freelancer does it. The only way to keep it from happening right now is to land on an actual pad. I know it’s pretty high up on the issue council, so hopefully we will see a fix soon.

It happens with the smaller ships too. It has to do with the wonky physics creating basically exaggerated impact spikes, which can send you or the ship flying depending on the spike sizes. Really the ships should auto stabilize when parked in space.

I had this last month. But this month so far no problem