Specs for the DFM

I read on the RSI forums that the spec’s for executing the DFM will be like this:


Kind of high end I think. If this is the spec’s to run it on “high”, mind you, not “Ultra”, I will need to upgrade my PC.
What are your thoughts?

Every month you can wait to upgrade your PC saves money. What are the current specs on your PC? If DFM will play on it, even in low or medium settings, I’d recommend trying to wait until closer to PU release to upgrade.

A $1500 computer today will only cost $1200 a year from now.

That won’t be “high” end when the game is released.

It will be higher than most launches, but I’m hoping a 2015 mid range card ($200-300) will come close to 1080p on high to ultra settings. Which should at least keep the game selling to the gamer crowd.

Yes, you might be right.

I am less worried after reading this thread on the SC forums:

Remember this thread isfrom March of 2013, and is outdated… The post above is the most recent news about DFM that we’re aware of.

Just to clarify though, its been said many a times a 680 level card would be needed to push this game at 1080p with the bells and whistles on. I’m not stating that the specs will go down, simply stating that in 2015, I hope the graphics cards in the ~$250-$300 range will be able to equal or beat a 2012/2013 GF 680 in performance.

I have a GTX 660 videocard. (non ti)
This card costs USD 265,00 here.

When upgrading, I was thinking of buying another one to use SLI. I have a 650W PSU, so that is all good and fine.
It performs like a 7870 CFX when SLI

I will save like USD 215,00, than buying a GTX 760 4gb. That is USD 480,00 here.
Upgrading my CPU will be expensive so rather spend that extra money on the CPU. I was thinking the FX 9590.
I have read that SC will support multi-cores.

FX 9590 is a lot slower than the recommended processor specs list above… 9590 overclocked is slower in some tests than a i7-4770K running stock, and when you overclock 2500K’s (4 year old chips) can out perform it.

By the time PU is released the GTX660 will be a 3 year old video card… I wouldn’t put any money into 3 year old technology that you want to last for 18 months to 2 years on a gaming PC. That would put the card at 5 years old by the time you retire that PC.

Again, I’d recommend holding off on upgrades unless you can’t run the dog-fighting module on low settings… Everyday you wait the cost of cpu’s and graphics cards gets lower.

Yeh, thanks for the advice.

I’ll be using my 660ti till at least 2015. By then my hope is the “Maxwell” x60 or x70 card is out and between $300 and $400. Then in 2016, buy another and not spend another dime on the current workstation till 2018. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about AMD’s current processor lineup, but if they are still actively using the socket type you currently have, then I’d hold out till that socket becomes EOL and buy whatever you can fit in it. If what you have now can make pixels appear on the screen of DFM and your happy with it, keep it.

Also they’re gonna do alot of optimization. I remember that i couldn’t play BF4 on ultra without lagging out after a few patches i could play ultra.

Good point!
The upgrading of my pc, is a ongoing task, I usually upgrade one component every year. Last year I got a new PSU 650W. I am kind of “into” computer hw and find it enjoying to read up on the subject. What I find most exciting is to get the best value for my money possible. That is why I’m a AMD guy. (I know intel might be better)
This time I will upgrade my mb and cpu, I like the FX series and its the AM3+ socket. Just have to see if I can wait. Somehow I don’t think so…