SpaceOwl intro

Hell everyone,

I’m SpaceOwl, my RSI handle is Space0wl.

I’m an early backer from may 2013 and want to specialize in the division of commerce and transportation. I really like dogfighting as well and hope to participate in the training exercises you guys have. My previous org the UEVL has been inactive for over a year and thought it was about time i would look for another org with the coming of 3.0.

Nice to meet y’all!

See ya around!

welcome Space0wl, let get out and shoot some stuff :slight_smile: good to chat with you.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries SpaceOwl!

Thank you for taking the time to do your onboarding with us this morning. I look forward to doing some space trucking with you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Space0wl sorry to here that your last org has not been not very active lately you have come to the right place to find an active org that will continue to be active as 3.0 comes out and beyond see you in the PU

Welcome to ADI SpaceOwl,

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! Glad to have you with the Org. Look forward to flying with you in the verse!

Thanks again for joining!