Sound bar?


This is not as much technical support as it is purchasing recommendations.
My friend just purchased a Sony CT50BT sound bar, which actually have a pretty good quality. So now I’m currently looking for one. So since I’m not very well known in the Audio quality sector, I decided to make a post here, to get recommendations on sound w/ Bluetooth and Optical Inputs.
My price range is currently 2.000 kr (312,19$ 20/10-15).

I’m currently considering these two:

Sony HT CT260H … 79746.aspx

Samsung HW-F350 … 48128.aspx

Do any of you have any experience or recommendations on this topic?

I use one on my upstairs bedroom tv, works great but is only 3 channel sound.

This one was very highly rated by numerous audio reviews. CNET rated it their number 1 sound bar in 2013 I think.

It comes with wireless rear speakers AND a subwoofer, which provide true surround sound. And it’s on sale right now for over $100 off, putting it at a little over $200. … +sound+bar