Well, greetings. This may be short lived, mumble crashes every time I try to start it, so, I’ve given up and it’s gone. Guess that means I am too…

We can help you with that. I will DM you on Spectrum.

Hey Agent-99, we would be more than happy to see what we can do to help. Feel free to hit me up on discord, SumDumBum#6692, or right here on the forums and I will see what I can do. Dont give up until we’ve done everything we can to help you.
Sum Dum Bum

I didn’t know you guys had a discord, I thought it was mumble only? I don’t have the discord link

If you hop on Mumble I’m sure you could find more than a few people willing to help

his problem is mumble crashing

Even if Mumble is not working for you right now. And even if we aren’t able to help you make it work. Feel free to come back in the future!

I hope we can help you get it sorted out!

Hey sir did anyone get you sorted?

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