Sorki checking in


Hi all,

I’m Sorki, a 38 year old network security engineer with a healthy interest for all space related games.
Backer since 2013 but only picked up the keys of my virtual space ships recently.

Played EVE for years and the one most important thing I’ve learned there is that surrounding you with good people can make or break a game. ADI looks like a mature community with a clear organization an structure.
The rules are right up my ally and I’m looking forward to become a part of this well oiled machine!


YOUR ships came with keys?! Crazy.

Welcome to ADI, Sorki. Hope to see you flying soon.


Welcome to ADI Sorki :slight_smile:

Al lot of space happy people here in ADI and also good people so you will fit right in and feel at home.

See you in the Verse


Welcome @Sorki. We’re all a little spaceship nutty, much like Benny tenor


Welcome @Sorki, glad you made your way here. Wishing you much success in the verse.


Welcome to ADI, Sorki. Glad you ended up with us. We have had a lot of IT professionals join recently. The org has plenty of people with a similar background to yours. It is a great place to be and we have a good time. See you, soon!


Welcome to ADI - Star Citizen is getting pretty amazing - ADI is a great org - come join the fun on mumble sometime :slight_smile:


Welcome Sorki. I think you’re right. ADI is the family you want to hang with. Quality people, organization, training and like you said, a mature mindset. I look forward to working with you.


Greetings Sorki, It sounds to me like your in the correct Org. With the recent improvements, this is a great time to become more active. We normally have a group going most nights. See you around!


Hey @Sorki ! Glad you found the way from the live chat over here, looking foward to fly with you :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI, Sorki! Look forward to catching up with you in game


Welcome aboard, Sorki! I look forward to playing with you. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Wow, what a warm welcome, thanks guys!
I see my application got accepted in game, proud to be part of ADI.

See you in game or mumble!


Welcome @Sorki - hope to see you around this weekend! Er’ll b live streaming acargo hauling mission tomorrow at 2pm CDT.


I agree with you Sorki long time Eve online player myself.


Welcome to the Organization Sorki and you’ll find plenty of great people here to fly with and learn the ropes.


Welcome Sorki, look forward to flying in the verse with you.


Welcome Sorki to ADI, glad to have you with us, if you need help in the verse i be there to help you out =D


Welcome back! Glad we are doing your OB!


Welcome Back to ADI Sorki!! I was surprised by the amount of former EVE players here. SC is such a different animal. Where EVE is all about the macro, SC is more about individual relationships and skill. Hope to fly with you soon! o7

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