Solved - New mumble channel Pls

Hey Guys - I’ve started playing a lot in the PTU - would I be possible to have a PTU room in the public gaming section so that members know you’re in the PTU and not Alpha?

This probably isn’t something we are going to do. The central room is a lobby of sorts and for conversing while playing but not necessarily together. If a group wants to party up together, for example in PTU, it is best to move to one of the rooms, which we have plenty of. If you are looking for others to join you, you can ask in the “lobby” or post in #org_chat.

Ok, in public gaming (solo or unorganised play) we currently have 4 rooms and I’ve not yet seen all 4 rooms in use at a single time, but would it be too difficult/expensive to add a 5th room that was signposted as being members playing in PTU rather than alpha?

Its not a matter of difficulty or cost. Its more about the issue as it is being a moving target. There are times when most or all players are in the PTU or the opposite. It just depends on their relative stability and whatever new feature is out. If most everyone is in PTU, we aren’t going to expect them to all to be in the “PTU” room.

Usually if you go to one of the rooms, people shouldn’t be popping in to frequently to bother you. At least that is my experience. If I really don’t want to be bothered while I’m testing something out, I’ll mute myself and most will take the hint.

NOTE: There might be some tedious details involved with adding rooms, and we usually need really good reasons to do so.

I have absolutely idea about the difficulty of setting up rooms on mumble, so please forgive me ignorance - but if it’s not difficult to do and involves no additional cost to ADI, why not just have Alpha Rooms 1-4 and PTU Rooms 1-4 in the (solo or unorganized play) so that members know up-front which channels they want to drop into rather than having to do it on a trial and error basis?

i wont comment on the public gaming side of things, but if you desire a channel that is more specific.
for example PTU you are more than welcome to create that channel in the member created chanel section.

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Thanks so much - I’d just assumed that I wouldn’t have the admin rights to do that, which is why I was asking for the room to be set up. All set up now :slight_smile:

PTU is normally open for very short periods of time, maybe 1 or 2 weeks every 12-14 weeks. There are a lot of people who don’t ever play in the PTU. So the demand for extra rooms is questionable at best.

Setting up rooms, is simple, it’s getting the permissions setup correctly, and making sure that ADIMumbleBot properly handles those new permanent channels is the bigger issue.

As mentioned above, all members have the ability to create temporary channels under Member Created Channels, if you feel the current setup of mumble channels doesn’t meet your needs you have the ability to solve that on a temporary basis.

TLDR; Too much work to setup, not enough people asking, adds clutter to mumble we don’t need.


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