Solved: Game crashes after getting up from bed


after launching the game (Universe>Space Ports: Crusader>Visit Location) and getting up from bed, the game crashes either immediately or after moving forward and reaching the door.
Either it crashes to desktop and starts the crashhandler or I get a black screen. When getting the black screen, I can sometimes kill the game using task manager but sometimes I have to restart the PC. Game files have been verified already.
I’m using default graphics settings and I don’t think I’m having a general problem with the PC as I can run other recent games smoothly.
Unfortunately RSI did not respond to my support request despite having a subscription and having bought my first ship.
I hope some of you folks have an idea how to avoid the crashes.
If you wonder why you can’t matchup my forum/RSI handle: I applied for membership but have not received an answer yet.



I found an out of memory condition in x:\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\Game.log
Seems my 16GB RAM and 2*4GB page file aren’t enough. Added a 16GB pagefile and now the game is running.
But it’s sooo slow :astonished:
Core i7-4770S, 16GB RAM, Game on SSD, RX480 6GB and it’s unplayable. :frowning:
I’ll see if I find a thread that recommends a hardware setup.


Hello belektro,

Regarding how to become a full member in ADI, follow the instructions listed on our JOIN ADI page here.

If you have more game crash issues I would recommend also posting about them on Spectrum where CIG staff can see them and perhaps help you resolve them. If the crash is reproducable you can also try filing a bug report to CIG. The live discussion thread is one place you can start. … 1&sort=hot



I’ll mention a couple things on page files.

  1. Its a bad idea to remove or set a small fixed size for the page file, even if you have plenty of RAM. Too many programs still expect it be there. Unless you have serious space issues, just set it to system managed.

  2. You only need one page file and on Windows 10 it doesn’t matter which disk it is on. If Windows 7, just one page file on your C drive is all you need.

I’ll also mention that SSDs experience degraded performance when they get close to full. Ideally, keep it less than 75% full.

Since version 3.0, CPUs older than 6th gen Intel aren’t doing very well with Star Citizen. Hazwell in particular took a good hit. Its a little better on 3.1.4 now, and hopefully if/when Bind Culling and Object Container Streaming are introduced (currently scheduled for end of September), everyone should see a noticeable improvement.

Lastly, like Waterdrop said please hit us up on Mumble to finish getting you setup in ADI. There are Discord channels and such where we discuss things like the above you don’t have access to at the moment.

Be well, hope to see you around.