Hello im SolarHazardz and im new to this community and space sims in general.


This is my first real space sim of this type as well, but I enjoy it as a relaxing variant to my usual FPS games. What’s your usual cup of tea?

Greetings SolarHazardz, welcome to ADI, glad to have you here!! I am waiting for the development to kick into overdrive with the additional astral bodies, and mechanics for all the various job opportunities (mining, repairs, salvage, medical…) which then throws this project in a level on its own. Good time to get in, and with a org like this, great way to start, see you in the ‘verse’

I usally play arma 3 or I play some RPG games like Skyrim or Fallout. (P.S idek if im replying to this right)

Welcome to ADI SolarHazardz, this was my first space sim too and I have to say that ADI is a good place to get up to speed on how this kind of game works. See you in the verse!