So Many Ships!! (Help)

I have been looking through the fighter catalog on the RSI site as I am a Combat Pilot. There are so many different ships to choose from and some that are yet to even be released. I was hoping for maybe a little advice on which way I should go. I don’t want to make my decision based on “well that one is more expensive so that must be the better one” unless that’s the best way to choose. I’ve narrowed the (reasonable) ships down to these:

F7C Hornet - Civilian Close Support / $110.00

Gladius - Short Range Fighter / $90.00

325A - Interdiction / $70.00

Ships yet to be released:

F7C-M Super Hornet - Space Superiority / No Price

F7A Hornet - Military Close Support / No Price

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hey ColdBore

Ultimately, the decision rests with you (what do you want to do, what ships do you like, and what ultimately can you afford). The most difficult thing, to date, is to either purchase or recommend a ship to someone. The biggest thing to understand is that much of the ship statistics have and are continuing to change (up to including the class system for the weapons / attachments). I’m fortunate enough to have both the Gladius and Super Hornet. I can’t say much about the gladius other than it’s supposed to be able to hold its own (speed and maneuverability are said to be quite good) because its only hangar ready at this point. I’m also a member of fleet sec (though primarily a Marine and a backup pilot if needs be) so i purchased it in order to offer other ADI members short range patrol services. The Super Hornet is a beast. She packs a serious punch and can take a beating. Unfortunately, she just came off sale but may very well be back on sale again at some point in the future (she retailed for ~180.00 USD this past sale). The civilian hornet comes standard with fewer weapons, does not have a jump drive, and removes the copilot / RIO seat. You can, however, purchase (with real money or eventually in-game currency) upgrades that will allow you to affix turrets and additional weapons. I flew the 325A months ago, so i can’t comment much on how it flys today. However, it has great visibility and a targeting computer which allows for locking missiles onto multiple targets simultaneously.

Ultimately, its about what you want to do and what you are willing to spend. Hopefully this has helped shed a very little bit of light on your predicament (i was in the same not too long ago). Hopefully those better versed on the situation will chime in too! Hop on mumble at some point and I’m sure you’ll get a wealth of information!

Thanks for the info Rush. Maybe I’ll save up for the Super Hornet.

Hi ColdBore, just some tips for your ship journey…

You can always start with a smaller ship now, which will get you flying now.

Then you have some neat options, you can cash your ship back in for full credits later, and then just spend a small bit more to get a better ship.

Also you can use “Ship Upgrades” or “Cross Chassis Upgrades” to upgrade your ship when your ready.

One thing to keep in mind is… if you get a package to start it may have some extras, like free access to Arena Commander. If you do a full credit back for your ship make sure your not losing an extra add-on that came with that 1st sale that you may wish to hold on to.

If you do just the ship upgrades, or cross chassis upgrades you keep the add-ons that came with your 1st package.

I hope that helps a bit.

I am going for the Gladius myself unless something changes my mind.

My first love was the Freelancer, so I picked up a Freelancer MAX. I was also interested in exploration so I picked up the 315p. (oh sweet luxury!)

Then I found ADI and realized that combat was part of the game. At the time I think the Super Hornet was on sale and flyable in game for a limited time or something so that was the first ship I ended up flying in combat. Saf fell in love with it too and convinced me to get one. Think I got it more since it was limited availability rather than wanting to fly it really. heh

The Gladius always struck me as limited usefulness since it’s mostly a fleet use short range fighter and I was afraid it wouldn’t work for solo use (probably wrong about this). The Avenger looked really nice, but I already had multiple ships and needed to stop spending money! I didn’t really give the 325A enough attention since I already had the 315p but in watching it in use in flight nights it seems very very capable for the money.

I may also get a 325a or better, but as a back-up or Marine Combat Pilot, I shouldn’t need anything long range since my primary mission is ground pounding. However, just in case, I will eventually get something with a longer range. Also, they may add refueling ships/drones and/or external fuel pods, so we will see.

If you want to get flying and have a little taste of everything id get an Avenger. Ships are still being released and redone. There is no rush to purchase anything in the games current state (other than momentary enjoyment).That being said the Avenger is the perfect intermediate between really knowing what you want in your ship. Speed, hull, weaponary.The variants are being released shortly as well.

Wow. Thanks for all of the replies everyone! You’ve all given me a lot to take into consideration when I purchase my next ship. They’re just so expensive that I don’t want to spend ~$100 on a ship that I may end up disliking in the end. Being a Combat Pilot I definitely think my best bet lies with the Hornet, Gladius, or a similar ship. Thanks again!