After having followed Star Citizen for many years, I have finally taken the plunge and decided to join in on the fun. Currently I am flying around in the trusty Avenger Titan while I determine which playstyle in verse I would prefer to play.

I am a team focused individual whose strengths lie in logistics, strategic planning, and asymmetrical warfare.

I look forward to becoming a member of this organization and operating with you all in the future.



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Welcome @SlowChunks , good to have you here! The Titan is great ship. I’ve got one myself and it’s amazing how much stuff you can do with it.
I’m looking forward to flying with you soon mate!


Welcome to ADI SlowChunks. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI SlowChunks, glad to have you with us. Hoping to fly with you soon, whatever role you decide to try. See you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI SlowChunks!
The avenger titan is a very good starter ship and it allows to carry quite a bit of cargo for a ship of its size.
We are all about teamwork here, in order to succeed overall we need to back eachother up but also need the support from one another.

Anyways welcome to ADI again dude and hope to speak with you on Mumble.

Hey @SlowChunks, it was a pleasure chatting with you during your onboarding. We’re happy to have you, and best of luck.

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse :slight_smile:

Hi @SlowChunks

As I am typing this reply, I am flying my Avenger Titan that I got recently, it is an awesome ship and very versatile.

Hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome to Org SlowChunks!!! Great name by the way. I look forward to flying with you in the verse!

Welcome @SlowChunks to Star Citizen and ADI! We can always use logistical and strategic support. Feel free to reach out anytime you need help or somebody to group up with. See you out there!

Hi welcome to ADI @SlowChunks
Great to see one more team player as we all are here,so see you around BRO…

Welcome to ADI, like you I had been watching the game for some time and took the plunge in Nov. I must say I do not regret it at all, have been having fun. The Titan should server you well, I look forward to talking in mumble.

Welcome, SlowChunks, glad to have you aboard! If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask , we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome @SlowChunks, glad to have you onboard!

woAH maybe you can teach me a thing or two even. make sure to jump on mumble to join in on the fun whenever you can. See you in there!

Ah, the trusty Titan :smiley: Good alround ship for the people that are looking for direction or that want to stay open for all choices. Looks good too. Great to have you aboard, Chunks. Am relatively new here too, but this looks like a great place to be :slight_smile:

Be well and fly safe!

Welcome @SlowChunks!

You’re intro is such an authentic Star Citizen player intro, I love it. You’re going to have alot of fun here!

Welcome to ADI @SlowChunks. The Avenger titan is a respectable ship to get things done. I think the next step up would be a Cutlass Black. I would suggest joining in on the mass org ops that are posted on the calendar. They normally go well and are very well organized and executed.

Welcome @SlowChunks, love the handle! Its always great to have a new face to the org who’s followed the game for a long time. You have been hooked by the SC fishing lure as we all have over the years.

Welcome to ADI, see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI. That is a great ship, let’s fly some time :slight_smile: