Hello ADI! As 3.0 approaches I am looking to get involved in the game again and this looks like a great place to be.

Hi slightly sane,

Welcome to the crew! There’s a lot of us really ramping up for 3.0 and looking forward to exploring and gaming together in Star Citizen. Do you play any other games as well? I’m a bit addicted to PUBG right now, but looking forward to setting it down for a bit to pull out my Aquilla in 3.0.

Join us on Discord and Mumble and we’ll get you all suited, looking forward to gaming with you!

Hey man.

Pleasure onboarding you. Hope to see you around as soon as 3.0 goes live or before of course.

Greetings from Switzerland

Look forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Slightlysane! I am excited for 3.0 and looking forward to flying with you. See you in the 'verse and fly safe!

Hello Slightlysane,

I’m glad you could join ADI. 3.0 is going to be an excellent time for the org, what better time to join? :slight_smile: See you around in mumble or in game hopefully. Best wishes