Size Shields that ships accept

I only own the Mustang Omega and happened to look at the technical specs for the Mustangs and noticed that the shields that come stock with each Mustang is a S1 but they are all rated to S2 and as a side note Hornets are rated to S4 but only come with S2 installed. I am wondering if anyone (with the new shields in Voyager direct coming out) has moved shields from one ship to another or done anything with the new shields and if any testing has been done by anyone on the different sizes and different variates, and if so would they please post what they found out.

I bought a new Size 3 INK-MARK 304-ID shield. I figured a MARK was better for me than a SPLASH, as I get in more trouble around Wave 11 of Vandule Swarm and I get hit more with cannon & laser fire than I do with missiles, besides there are other things I can do for missile defense - like use countermeasures.

I used the new shield for my 315P, upgrading from my original default Size 2 shield. The new shield installed fine, and I love the fact I have shields on 4 sides now, and not just front/rear coverage.

I only had time for a few rounds last night to test the shield, but so far is does seem well worth it! :ugeek:

I did the same as TheMark, I went for the INK-MARK 304-ID shield. I saw a huge improvement in my 325a’s survivability which lead to a general overall improvement to my performance in AC. If you’re looking to spend some UEC I highly recommend picking up a new shield!

hurray for four sides worth of shields!

Anyone found a matrix or chart to compare the various shields available? Other than the Whitley’s Guide Rating? :slight_smile:

Yea I was curious. Looking to upgrade the super hornet.

Looking at upgrading the Hornet’s shield, glad to hear it works! I would want to take the Hornet’s shield and move it to the say a 325 and then buy one upgrade for the Hornet. So question, is that possible? Can you and how do you (if you can) move guns and shields around your existing ships? Can you take the weapons from ship A and place them on ship B? In Hanger mode there is the desk when you spawn in and it acts like that is what you can do, but I don’t see where I can pull off a weapon or shield and put it on the next ship?


has anyone stuck the cutlasses shield in the super hornet yet? It fits but I’m not sure if there is any improvement since there are no Numbers to relate too. they are a size bigger then the stock one of the super hornet. I don’t know if I’m willing to drop 15 bucks on a new shield when there may be way better coming out. especially since it doesn’t have hard numbers to compare to other stuff.

Just messing around when the Mustang test week happened I found that in the holo table you can pull weapons and other objects off the ships then switch to a different ship take off what you want off and then select the parts that you want installed in the hard-points that you have waiting. You might want to switch to the weapon selection on the holo table for the weapons, and after you start the holo table you press TAB and you can now use a mouse curser to work the table, and TAB when you are ready to leave the table.

Thanks Crewman5! I’ll try that this weekend!