Simple man making my way through the galaxy

Hey there I’m Cyber Warlock, you can just call me Warlock. New recuit here to help out where I can. Have FPS and starship experince already. Looking forward to getting to know my division and hope I can make this a long term comminemnt.
May the verse be with you.

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Welcome to ADI Cyber-Warlock. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in Mining & Salvage’s exercise ops.

Sounds good. I replied to your other Intro so just let me know how I can help you. See you on Mumble.

Welcome Warlock, looking forward to seeing you out there in the verse soon.

Hello & welcome Warlock! May the 'Verse be with you as well.

Hey there, Warlock! Welcome to the Team. What are you flying, and what kinds of things are you interested in?

Welcome! Look forward to flying with you!

Hi Warlock, Welcome to ADI

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