Hello all, I’m a casual gamer looking for cool people to play Star Citizen with.
I’m laid back and I’ve got years of gaming experience in various game genres.
I enjoy playing mostly pve style,though I don’t mind a bit of pvp under the right conditions.
I play well with others and I’m always looking to learn new things.

Welcome to ADI Sil3ntHunt3r it has been nice talking with you I think you will find a nice home here at ADI we will be doing many things that are not strictly PvP. We have some great training systems set up so you will be able to learn many different things with us see you around.

Welcome Aboard SiL3NtHuNt3R !

I am Lexton one of your resident Prospects here in Atlas Defense Industries. If you do have any questions for me… please reach out to me via the PM System here on the forums as that’s the best way to reach out to me. I am comfortable to answer any questions you might have about the Organization, Divisions, Star Citizen and any Technical Questions you might have.

Again Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries SiL3NtHuNt3R !

Welcome Aboard SiL3NtHuNt3R! I am Marcko, one of the ADI Staff Prospects, hope you enjoy your stay here, if I can be of any assistance, pm me here, or look me up on Mumble, once again welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, see you in the Verse’

Hello SiL3NtHuNt3R,

Welcome aboard. I hope you find yourself at home here. This is an exciting time for ADI as more content is being released. I hope to see you around soon.

Hi Silenthunter,

Nice that you’ve joined ADI. Which division did you choose and what role? C u sson on mumble and in the verse!

Bye Changenl

Greetings and Welcome to Atlas Defense! the best Org in the Galaxy!

What role do you see as the main role in Star Citizen for you?

This is a great Org as their is always someone doing something and are available to you.

Captain Kern: