Signature pic

I’m playing around and trying to get my signature picture working. However the preview doesn’t show the pic, so i’m making a test post here. Below is the URL-link to the file:


My forum IMG-setting is on, so that shouldn’t be the prob. Also the Google drive pic should be viewable for all. Is there a limit for pic/file size?

Btw, i know the pic is completely amateur and i haven’t been assigned to CM & L division yet…

If you are using this link in your signature (google doc), it could be the cause of your problem.

You need to include a link to the picture directly. Your link isn’t only the picture, it is a webpage with the google interface and everything where you can see the picture.

You can use this direct link to your picture: … w1886-h849
However I’m not sure if this link is persistent.
EDIT: Try with this one, it will be persistent: … Fk/preview

You can use a website like imgur to host your picture if it isn’t working.

PS: You should have been assigned to a division during your onboarding. The roster may not have been updated since your onboarding and that’s why you can’t see yourself. You can contact a team lead or director of your division to check if all is fine.

I tried both of those and neither worked. I got this one working at least for now; … w1920-h979

Dunno if it’s persistent or not. Thanks.

More importantly, you should be using one of the approved signatures… There is a reason we don’t use the current division logo’s on anything except the roster, they’re being re-worked.


Click that link and follow the instructions please.

Done. Boy! Do i feel like an idiot…

EDIT: removed brainfart

testing mine