Shustring Intro

Oi! Shustring Joining the frey, I am an indi primary pilot with a interest in light pvp and fleet security. Looking forward to meeting the lot of you.

Hi Shustring, Welcome to the group. Glad you are here, SC has a lot to offer. with so much todo you will have a great time with this group. See you in the verse.

Hi Shustring, welcome to ADI!

Welcome, thanks for joining the crew. Looking forward to meeting you as well. What kind of ships do you have?

Welcome to ADI!
Glad to have you with us!

Greetings Shustring, Welcome to ADI, and what a frey it is. I’m more miner/trucker and depend on fleet security. I look forward to working with you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Shustring! What’s your favorite ship to fly? Looking forward to meeting you in Mumble!

Hi Shustring, welcome to the Org. Lots of combat-oriented people here ready to blow things up with you. See you in the 'verse!

Welcome Shustring! Have you done a lot of player bounties yet? If not hit me up and let’s go hunting.

Hey hey, I hope we are a good fit for you, always nice to have more security members.

Hi Shustring! Welcome to ADI. I’m sure there will be plenty of PvP and other activities in SC to keep all of us busy.

Welcome to ADI! Pilots are all ways in demand so I’m sure we can keep you busy :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Hello Shustring and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries. Sounds like Fleet Sec’s got a brand new recruit in you and definitely their gain.

Hello Shustring look forward to meeting you too.

Welcome to ADI Shustring. I’m glad you joined the team.