ShoutingGoat here

Hey there, new to the group as well as game. I’ve been sitting on this game for awhile and figured I’d finally give it a shot. Everything I’ve seen about this group has really appealed to me and seems to be a perfect fit for what I am looking for. I am glad to be here and look forward to playing with you all.

Hey ShoutingGoat, Welcome to ADI, glad you have joined us. This group is a great place to be, they will be able to help you out with any questions that you might have. See you in the verse.

Thank you again and I appreciate all the help thus far.

Hi ShoutingGoat, welcome to ADI!

Hi ShoutingGoat,

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen. We have a lot of members who are quite knowledgeable about the game. So don’t hesitate asking questions and feel free to reach out to me when you see me online on mumble if you have any questions, want to learn some game mechanics and so on :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! ADI is a great place for new faces, as we have plenty of resources. If you see me on, feel free to ask any questions and I’ll try to help. We can even go out flying sometime. See ya in the verse!

Wlcome to ADI pilot!
I hope this game will bring lots of joy to you! It sure has for me =)
If you have any questiones or just want some company, make sure to logg on to mumble. Always more fun to play as a group.

I hope to see you in the verse soon!

Greetings ShoutingGoat, Welcome to ADI. I love SC, and ADI is a great org for getting the most out of it. Do you have favourite play style or ship? I look forward to working with you in the verse.

Hi and welcome to ADI ShoutingGoat! I’m glad to hear we’re a good fit for you and I’m looking forward to meeting you in Mumble!

Welcome aboard Goat. Now is a great time to pick up again in SC. Lots to do in a lot of different styles of gameplay. How much did your fleet grow while you were sitting out? Hangar creep happens … :slight_smile:

Welcome ShoutingGoat! I don’t think you can find a better crew to roll with than ADI. Most nights you can find a group running some type of content. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can come along!

Hi ShoutingGoat, welcome to ADI. Any questions about the game or org… just ask.

Welcome to ADI, I hope you find what you are looking for here. Sorry you are just jumping in now. 3.9.x has not been very friendly to us, even worse for the EU group from what I gather. Keep an eye on the forums for any org ops or training that is coming up and I look forward to flying with you.

Thank you, happy to be here.

Thank you. It seems that I get to experience a new glitch every time I play. Got stuck in an elevator, then none of them would get me to the spaceport and had to honor of having my ship leave me in space while attempting to jump locations.

Thank you all for the support, feel free to friend me in game. You can find me sporting the same name.

Welcome to ADI! I hope we live up to your expectations. Lots of fun to be had with us, always something being planned. Dive right in, and we will help you in any way we can. See you in the verse!

Welcome welcome to both the game and to the Org, Goat! Not a bad idea to wait until more content came online to dive in. For awhile I couldn’t even play the thing due to optimization problems lol So what areas of Star Citizen drew you in?

I think it was mainly the freedom to do whatever I might be in the mood for. So far, exploration seems to be peaking my interests, curious to see how large of an area the game will end with. The other day, I stumbled across a video about a wormhole, had no idea. With that said, I’m sure there’s tons I have overlooked and just haven’t come in contact with. Should be exciting to see what the final product turns out like. Until then I’ll have to work on bumping ram a bit more and picking up another SSD drive.

Welcome to ADI, ShoutingGoat! The group is great to play with and there is usually something happening weekly.

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