Ships keep loosing power?

I appear to have some form of tech issue with my ships.

I can take off from Area 18 without issue and get to 200+ in speed but once i have it then drops off rapidly to 50 or less and the ship just nose dives into the city.

The ship says all power is on, engines are on, sheild are online, landing gear is retracted, VTOL is online.

Been stuck here now with 4 ships crashes and allot of body armour and weaponry lost due to this possible bug?

Does anybody have a work around or is this a known issue please?

Any help appreciated as its becoming frustrating now :frowning:

Kind regards

Hop on Mumble so somebody can walk you through this step by step.

It’s possible that your speed limiter is accidentally key mapped to other buttons - such that you think you’re all good, but mixed button configurations knocks your speed to 50.

This is somewhat common if you config’d a throttle & stick recently as the peripheral’s software kinda “hijacks” your settings until you update them to accommodate what I just described.

Some peripherals (especially Razor’s software) can negate/outcompete your other peripheral’s software - which sucks a special suck.

Anyway, just some thoughts.
The more savvy tech folk will have more in-depth input soon, I’m sure.


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