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Been looking on most of the RSI website on this and maybe I’m wording it incorrectly; will we be able to name our ships?

I know, sounds like an innocuous question but, it just dawned on me, can’t have a bunch of ships just named Constellation or Aquila or Javelin…ship names do matter no?

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“Vicious Rumor” will be stenciled on my Medevac ships if/when we can do such a thing.


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Fine name there sir!

I have a few in mind for me Constellation; either Mieliki or Tazhmikella. Points if you know where this from :slight_smile:

Your Connie is hardly a gnome!


Guess again sir!

Forgotten Realms

This I believe was addressed in a 10ftc, and yes we will be able to name our ships.

Thanks Legatin!

Most appreciated!

I didn’t see the 10ftc but I would say yes since you can name them in EVE and other games. And this is going to be an immersive experience. (See I believe.) :sunglasses:

Hm, about the nameing the ships ,I personaly prefer to give to my ships names of Nordic and Slavic mithological gods ,such as
Magni , Thor, Perun, Svarog - the god of fire and also a smithing god etc,etc.

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Hi All,

Well in case we do and just in general, I am putting my claim on my ship name ADI Corvette “Peregrine” for my Polaris.

Motto “In the sky there’s no place for a stalking predator to hide, so for the element of surprise the Peregrine Falcon has to resort to sheer speed”

Of course Ship Names matter. As an Aviation freak my ships will be dedicated to Aviation Pioneers. So it will be currently:

  1. Origin x1: Jacques Etienne Montgolfiere
  2. Origin 85x: Joseph Michel Montgolfiere
  3. Origin 300i: Otto Lilienthal
  4. Vanguard Warden: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  5. Genesis Starliner: Amelia Earhart

As far as I know, naming particular ships will be possible, but I am not sure whether it will be available for each small nutshell.

By the way - if you like Details, maybe the following site will be something for you:

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To add a bit more detail to the answer already given, every ship type and make will only be able to be named a certain name once (so there can be only one Avenger with the name Penguin), but there can be multiple different makes with the same name (thus the could also be a 300 with the name Penguin and an Idris named Penguin, etc).

if i ever get a Kraken im going to name it “Jormungandir” (forum icon for reference). as for my Reclaimer…i was thinking “Whole Lotta Rosie” after the AC/DC song lol…she is a big gal after all :sweat_smile:

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