ship/lti question


question i just started the game and this guild just a bit ago, how does one go about getting an LTI ship? i found the grey market and if i buy a ship with LTI can i upgraded it? can i upgrade it if it is already an upgraded ship? or do you think they will offer more LTI ships again? thanks pondering wasting more money…

Welcome to ADI.

To answer your questions… it’s doubtful any new ships with LTI will be made available anytime soon. Yes you can buy a ship with LTI on a site like reddit; and that ship can undergo a CCU upgrade to another available ship (it already being upgraded doesn’t matter).

Hope this helps.

When ships are first introduced as concepts they are offered for sale with LTI; after that sale they are usually not available with LTI. Occasionally they offer ship packs (several ships of a certain theme) with LTI, but its very hard (no longer possible?) to get a game package ship with LTI.

CR has said that LTI won’t be a big deal in the PU, but lots of backers want it. Insurance supposedly is not going to be that expensive and LTI only covers the base hull and gear the ship comes with, so even with LTI we’ll need to insure upgrades and cargo in the PU.

Now, how to get LTI. You won’t be able to get LTI on your game package ship, so don’t worry about that one. But if you want LTI on a standalone ship then…

Watch for an inexpensive concept ship sale. Recently they offered the Reliant as a concept ship with LTI, and people bought them and then upgraded (I upgraded to a Dur). When you upgrade you keep the original package insurance, so now I have a Dur with LTI.

Hope that helps, if you see me in mumble we can talk more if you wish.

lti shouldn’t be a large issue for most people unless you have a large fleet of ships. but I would recommend if you are interested in getting lti I would suggest making a post in blackwells asking if anyone had any ships for sale with LTI or if you are patient there may be more cheap concept ships to come the only caveat is the ship you ccu to must cost same/more then the ship you ccu to. also if you want to discus this and I am on mumble free to ask me anything and I will try to help.