Shark (Sharkimus)

Hey folks. Salty transportation logistics specialist here who dabbles in related industry (mining, salvage, etc). Capable fighter with a focus on defense, most notably shipping lane and freighter escort. Equally interested in personnel and property recovery operations (SAR as well), but my core focus is logistics and commodities brokerage.

Been mainlining PC gaming since the early 90s, heavy in flight sims and space sims. Recently ended a crippling Elite Dangerous addiction as that experience has mostly run its course for me and am looking forward to developing an even worse addiction as 3.0 and beyond gets fleshed out.

Current fleet:
-Drake Caterpillar
-RSI Constellation Aquila

  • ̶A̶e̶g̶i̶s̶ ̶S̶a̶b̶r̶e̶ ̶C̶o̶m̶e̶t̶
    -MISC Starfarer
    -MISC Freelancer
    -Kruger P-52 Merlin
    -RSI Ursa Rover
    -Aopoa Nox Kue
    -Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket

Most of it has LTI, not that it’s of much relevance here.

Your org came pretty highly recommended by my buddy Hawk, looking forward to getting to know you.

Welcome Sharkimus!

Lovely fleet, looking forward to flying with you. Glad you already have friends in ADI, we’re all preparing to become addicts to SC together :slight_smile: Hop on Mumble and Discord when you’re on!


Hello Shark, and welcome to ADI! Good that you are interested in alot of professions. Perhaps we can do some freighting together sometime, you’ll also be welcome to protect me from unwanted people, on my freight runs.

Hello Shark,

Welcome to ADI. Glad to see you’re coming in with a nice fleet :slight_smile:. I’m sure that will prove useful in many ways. Best wishes to you and hopefully we’ll see you around in mumble and on Friday night flight nights.

Hello Sharkimus,

welcome to ADI. You got a nice fleet. Our divisions could need an escort or help in mining, salvaging and transporting some cargo. Dont hesitate to call us if you need more infos about us and our divisions. We are mostly reachable in discord and mumble, beside the forums.
See you around there and the verse.

Welcome to ADI Sharkimus! That is quite and impressive fleet! I look forward flying with you. See you in the 'verse!

HI Shark,
Welcome to ADI. Very nice introduction, thanks for letting us know your interests. It sounds like you will be as great asset and will fit in well here. Nice to know we came so well recommended. I hope (know) you will have the same experience. Have fun and remember to use our various forums (Mumble, Discord & ADI Forum) to connect with others.

Hello Shark,

Glad to have you and your fleet on board. Nicely written intro, as others have said. Looking forward to playing together in the verse!

Appreciate it folks. Work week keeps me too damn busy but will be sure to stop in Friday and/or Saturday to chat some in mumble and get acquainted.