Hi everyone!

I’ve been a gamer for a looooong time(in my low 30s now). Very excited for Star Citizen and have had tons of fun so far. I tend to play in a support role (engineer, transport, etc), but I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and being aggressive when push comes to shove. I enjoy playing MMORPGs, and admittedly usually play solo, but for SC it seems like we can all get much more done working together.

I’m interested in the commerce division right now, and looking forward to getting a large transport of my own once they become available.

Look forward to meeting you in the verse!

Also, it’s scary how many people can’t follow the simple application instructions to have your handle in the subject. :laughing:

Welcome ShapCap. You’ll find plenty of us in our thirties in ADI, so you’re in old company. I know we’re going to have a strong commerce presence, you’ll have plenty to do here!

And some in our 40’s. Welcome ShapCap.

Hey there ShapCap!

Welcome to ADI and I hope we can fly together sometime.


Hello ShapCap,

Some of us are even older lifelong gamers, which is a good thing. I don’t think you’re going to feel like the oldest guy around.

Really good to have you join us. We will surely need your help as an experienced support player that won’t sway when the going gets tough. That’s a good combination.

Welcome to the org!

Welcome to the family ShapCap!

Commerce will obviously be a hugely important division within ADI, and as I suspect will pull alot of resources for protection, so I think you chose a very central point to be.

You’ll find a variety of different types of gamers here, so ask around, as we are all chomping at the bit and tearing through other games as we wait patiently (ish) for SC.

Howdy ShapCap! Welcome to the group :slight_smile:

Welcome @ShapCap to ADI!! Happy to have you with us. Talk to you in mumble sometime

Welcome ShapCap!

And thank you for your interest in ADI! Awesome choice division wise…we always need some traders :smiley: Be sure to take some time continuing to settle in, and continue to hop on Mumble in order to help familiarize yourself with the many members we have. Once more patches are released we’ll be kicking a lot more SC time in, and that will help you in the long run. Also, we do have Friday night flight nights for both EU and US based players and you can check the times here… Hopefully we’ll catch ya there!

Let us know if you have any other questions, and once again welcome to the ADI family!


Hey there ShapCap- welcome to the ADI community!
Its great to see other experienced gamers joining our community - we’re excited to have you here!

If you haven’t don’t so already, hop onto our mumble server when you get a moment - its a good place to get to know our more active members and staff as well as get some game time in with other players. While you are there, talk to a staff member (denoted by a |T| |AD| or {D} prefix to their names) about completing your onboarding process - doing this will give you access to the member only forums as well as our discord services.

I always like to make it clear that if you have any questions while you are here, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask one of us - we will do our best to get you the answers you are looking for.

Lastly - I just like to point out that ADI is working on branching out into other games while we patiently wait for SC to release (Soon TM as they say). Currently we have plans to support CoD:IW, we have a number of players in Ark Survival Evolved, and plan on supporting a survival space sim called Hellion when it releases (soon TM). Feel free to help our community expand into more new games.

Welcome again and I look forward to getting some game time in with you.

Hey Shap. Welcome.

Welcome, fellow support-player!

Welcome! Hope to see you in the 'verse!