Setting up my flight controls

Hey everybody!

So I am trying to set up my Thrust Master TWCS throttle. In game when attempting to fly with it I throttle up and go into reverse. I have set a keybind to invert the forwrd backwards. This shoudl fix it I hope but thought I would ask fo any other tips with setting up a throttle in game. (Dont worry I hve the straffing jests set up on a HAT on throtle so almost like 2 joysticks)

I have a VKB Galdiator and on the throttle would like to have one of my buttons on each to be a ble to be used as a mode button I guess. You know I would hold it down and then can map two uses out of each button. Does anyone know if I can use the software to program this? Im not as tech savy as I used to be be and woudl be glad for any help.

Thank you for your time

Hi mate, go in to arena commander, free flight mode and make adjustments in there. A lot if us have worked it out with trail and error. Best place is mumble, people in there will help and it’s easier to explain while both have the controls open

Thank you will do

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