Selling GTX 980M

If anyone wishes to buy some GTX 980M’s for their laptops, let me know. … 1555.l2649

I will sell them to members of ADI for 700USD +shipping.

I will also donating some cash each time someone buys one to ADI Paypal.
(Unless someone wishes to make me a Amazon sale post…caus ethen we can just use Amazon Link)

The ASIC qualty will be 65%+ minimum. these are a slower made manufactured cards, made in Canada (Actually made in Ottawa!, our capital), not China.

Too bad you dont have anything for a desktop :frowning:

My pricing on desktop stuff is not much better then what is available if you shop around. But theres a huge premium on mobile cards, so I have more freedom to charge less.

Put the Bargain up on NBR. … di.775117/ … ess/196108

Posted on Tech Inferno. Conncted directly to paypal, discounts for corp members.