Selling Freelancer package (upgraded to MAX)

With the release of updated (but probably very rough and far from finished) cargo capacities, I find that with the Andromeda I own holding similar amounts as the MAX, I don’t really see the point in owning the MAX. I could melt it down to get $170USD, but I’d rather it go to a new home. Anyone interested, send me a PM either here or on RSI (VedritM)

Package contents:

Almost feels like I’m giving up a family pet…

How much are you wanting for it? :slight_smile:

Since it’s a package no longer available, at least $170, but I’m open to trades

If that had LTI I’d snatch it up in an instant. :slight_smile:

Heh, yeah, I’m sure anyone would.

I posted an ad on the grey market, but no responses yet. If no one buys it by Sunday night, I’m going to melt it. I want to get a Hull B before the sale ends…

Hmm… 170 is a tad steep… any chance of a little knock down?

If it’s a straight monetary exchange, I’m disinclined to lower the price. I’d be much more flexible if it were a trade.

Wanna come on mumble and have a chat? I’m there now, definitely interested

Would, but I’m at work

hmm… ETA on returning?

7:30-ish PM Pacific

I will be snug as a bug in bed by then… I live in England. When are you free after that? Anytime before 2pm GMT tomorrow? Definitely interested in this

Unfortunately not, Saturday would be the next time I’d be available during daylight hours your time

That could work, it’ll be about 7pm GMT i get back from work though, would THAT work?

On Saturday? Yeah, that would work fine

Perfect! We can do this on Saturday then :slight_smile:

I got Mumble going on my phone, so I can hear, but I won’t be able to talk

Congrats to getting this Freelancer Max. Treat her well, my friend!

I shall indeed. Speaking of this, WHERE ARE YOU?