Self-Introduction for Me - CalCiler

Hello ADI,

CalCiler here, I am extremely new to the Star Citizen community and game. Been watching videos for years but up until recently never had the opportunity to play due to hardware constraints. Love the flying aspect of the game but I’m definitely up to trying out other aspects of the game.

I also play many other games such as Squad, Escape from Tarkov, ARMA, and many other games that suck my soul away everyday. I spend most of my time at work since I sold my ass to the US Gov’t so I’ll be on whenever I can, but don’t count on me to be here all day/night.

You’ll find me either on here now since I can play it or on EFT because rubles are love, rubles are life.


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Hi CalCiler, welcome to ADI. It’s a great community here and the real life first rule helps people retain a bit of their soul. See you in mumble.

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen @CalCiler!

Real life comes first! You are always welcome to join in the various training sessions, group sessions and org ops when it fits in with your schedule.

If you haven’t already, check out the basic certifications, they will help you get into the various aspects of the game currently available.

Hope to see you around soon!

Welcome at @CalCiler. That’s a lot of games. Between my “Work IS Life Balance” and sleep I hardly get a lot of time for SC right now. I don’t know how you do it.

welcome aboard @CalCiler ! Between real life; 2 school aged kids remote learning and a demon 3yr old girl, and Star Citizen, UBOAT, Steel Division 2, and since its hunting season here, I feel ya pain. Plus, sold my soul and my ass to the Gov’t when i was 17 and did 10 glorious years. See ya when we see ya! If you need any help or want to team up and do some missions- let me know.

Welcome to ADI @CalCiler! And congrats on the upgrade! There are a tone of fun things to do in the ‘verse, glad you can experience them now.

Welcome to ADI! I sold my soul once. It was returned as damaged goods :smiley: All kidding aside, real life first, we all have jobs and family and no game should ever take precedence over that :slight_smile: I hope you are enjoying your first dive into this wonderful universe, and if you have any questions or need a hand, don’t hesitate to ask. We have lots of experience here and are more then happy to share it. See you in the verse!

Sounds like you have some great experience to bring to the table, Welcome to ADI!

Welcome CalCiler,

With that kind of background, sounds like you’ll fit right in.

Welcome to ADI CalCiler. I’m glad you joined the team.