Sc0rp74 Introduction

Hi guyz Sc0rp74 Here :slight_smile:

Quite new to Star Citizen so learning all aspects of the game currently :open_mouth:

my real name is Nick i’m 44 years old 45 tomorrow << yep old timer :frowning:

i’ve been gaming since i was a young lad so yes played one or two games :wink:
Halflife/Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, Arma 1 2 and 3, lots of other games on pc aswell, also own and xbox 1x so lots of games on there too :open_mouth:
i’m quite a friendly character so dont be shy :slight_smile:

and look forward to joining you in star citizen

Regards Nick ( Sc0rp74 )

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Nick welcome to ADI. Looking forward to flying with you. What are you looking at? Fighters? Marines? Industry? I can’t wait to unload a few torpedoes myself.

Welcome to ADI @Sc0rp74! Lots of us ‘old timers’ here so you’ll fit right in! See ya in the verse!
Ranger, out.

Still new to it all… other than flying around I have not done much :wink: so all a new learning curve for me :wink: This is why i have joined in hope i can gain some direction and make friends along the way :wink:

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Thanks and look forward to it :wink:

Welcome aboard Nick! You’re in the right place. We have a lot of old-timers around to keep the young punks squared away!

Welcome Scorp,

Happy birthday!

Most of us are old timers like you :wink:

Welcome Scorp - look forward to catching you in-game.
Definitely get in Mumble! super helpful folks in there all the time, no question is to basic!

@Sc0rp74 Welcome to the ADI crew. Plenty of old school guys and new youngins here join in the chaos. Happy birthday as well. i just made the 45 roll over myself in Sept, so welcome to the new old club. :rofl: Get into mumble and you’ll find the crew is more than chatty and always ready to help out.

Welcome to the team, Sc0rp! That is quite an extensive background in gaming you have. Which game were you playing most recently? Arma? I’m not sure how invested you were in those titles you mentioned and whether you played in any clans or guilds, but I think you’ll find ADI to be a great experience. The vast majority of ADI’s leadership has been gaming for a fair number of decades and, honestly, many are even older than you, so don’t feel bad for being a seasoned gamer!

Welcome to ADI Scorp, you old dog. There’s lots of your sort here so you’ll be right at home. That’s what it’s all about here; rational, adult game-play.

Hi and weclome! Scorp74! Hope to see you in the verse soon

Welcome Scorp74! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome sc0rp74! Happy belated-birthday! Glad to see you here. Looking forward to meeting you in-game!

Very nice to have you with us Sc0rp74!
This is a great org.
If you need anything ask in the org discord, i’m sure you will get an answer.
Sounds like you have alot of gaming experience.
I’m 31 but have been gaming since i can remember, the earliest memories being on the original gameboy and going up from there.
See you in the verse!

Hello Nick, glad that you joined the team. Have a good time here and first and foremost - Welcome at Atlas

Welcome Sc0rp! Great to have you aboard.

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