SC Org numbers page

OOh!! Just saw a post on reddit, to a fan page.
That shows how all the Orgs are doing (Compared to eachother)

((Not to brag, but I think we’re doing very well compared to some other Orgs))

Dang, ADI is in almost every one of the top lists. That’s pretty awesome! The folks in reddit were running down the AMMA scores as being pointless, but I personally think it’s pretty important.
Looks like if SC goes live in my lifetime, Imperium is going to be a major competitor for us. Has anyone been checking into them and what they’re all about?

We’re all pretty stoked about it - but there is plenty of room for improvement!

We can all dream hahaha

That stuff’s so good … I may have to open a reddit account just to “Up” vote it! (unless they call it something else)