SC 3.2 Mining Calc Desktop App

Hi all,

Inspired by ShapCap’s GoogleDocs Mining Calc I decided to see if I could figure out enough C# to make a Windows Desktop app version of the same. Apparently I could!


Here’s what it looks like:

[size=150]HOW TO USE (BASIC):[/size]

Just type in the percentages you’re seeing in game.

Into the app to see your estimated profit for a full Prospector cargo hold (32SCU) of that ore.

There will be some amount of weird rounding, but it’ll be close!

To clear entered values just click on the ADI Mining Division logo.

[size=150]HOW TO USE (ADVANCED):[/size]

You can also change the values of the rocks on the fly. First double click on a value from the aUEC/SCU column to highlight it.

Then type the new value and press ENTER to save it. Press ESC to exit the edit mode instead.

The Desired Profit Threshold slider is just to set a certain value where the Est. Profit text will turn green. It defaults to 1250 and ranges from 0 to 2500.


To install just run the setup.exe from the extracted download archive.

Once installed just search for “mining” to find the desktop app to run or pin where you’d like.

To uninstall just use Windows’ Apps & Features uninstaller.


Awesome dude. Should post it on Reddit too.

Well done.

Excellent! Thanks for your work on this.

Dude this is why I love this clan. you sir are the hero we don’t deserve.

Sweet! Hope everyone is doing well during these summer doldrums.

This is awesome, even as a kind of social miner with my prospector. This provides a lot of help.

Any plans to update it with new materials when the next update comes out?

Soon as I can snag a prospector from an upgrade this’ll be extremely useful. Thank you for going through the time to make this and sharing it with everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for taking the time to create this. M

Hey Ky…being the whiny app user that I am…does this need to be updated for 3.4-3.5 lol :smiley:

Hello Kylania
This is great!
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Nice, once updated this will be very helpful.

Is there any update to this?

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