Save some $$$ buying Steam games

Hey all!

I’m consistently winning bets on dota2lounge, and am done buying games for myself. If you are 100% buying a game on steam and want to save a couple bucks, I’d buy it for you for some RSI giftcards.

I try can keep it 10-20% off the title.
I prefer RSI giftcards, but can do paypal if you accept the charges :wink:
I’ve already had a few satisfied customers, so let me know!


Sitting on 95$ on steam CND
But I’m now betting items at the 20-30$ range…
sooooo… the wallet is likely to explode huge soon.

Just doubled the steam wallet.


Anyone wanting to buy steam games this winter sale, make up your wishlists :wink:

Will definitely be doing so. Thanks Hurns!

and rising…

Mixed news everyone!

I broke 700$ last night in items and then found someone I trust to buy them using paypal!

This means I’m back at square one for item betting… and will be unlikely to be doing shopping during this winter sale… maybe.

Yay for “free” CCU’s and Carrak!

Steam Holiday Sale started. Always remember:

That’s cool HurnsAldeland, not something I had looked at before. Interestingly I have a pair of ‘Earbuds’ in TF2 that are apparently worth $26