SAR1L - Intro

Good Morning,

Not one to talk about myself so here is my resume.



Welcome, SAR1L! Impressive resume. I am always amazed by the skills people have in the org. I am also an instructor by trade so I relate to the importance of empathy and interpersonal skills.
When you get a moment, get on mumble so we can finish your onboarding process and hook you up on Discord. Again, welcome to ADI!

Heylo Sa1l,

Nice to see we have some one interested in the defense trade in real life. And hey you’re in my town! Cool. Welcome to ADI. Looking forward to seeing you around the verse.

Hello SAR1L,

Welcome to ADI. Nice to see you in the org. Feel free to ask us when you have questions about the game or ADI.
See you soon around here and the verse.


Hey SAR1L! Welcome to ADI, looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to SAR1L to ADI, nice resume you got there, glad you got mumble certification work out, cant wait till we see you in the verse :smiley:

Welcome SAR1L, looking foward to seeing you around the verse!

Howdy Sar1l, and welcome to ADI. That is some wild and varied skills/education you have. Looking forward to seeing how those play out for you and the org in the verse.

Thank you Pohlie, it has been an interesting life so far. Interested to see how I can benefit ADI with the skills acquired.

So am I. Thank you guys for the help yesterday with the mumble cert issue!

Small world, big verse. :slight_smile: See you inside.

Thank you, what do you teach?

Welcome to ADI Sar1l glade to have u part of the org

Hi Sar1l and welcome to the Org, hope to see you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, and glad to have you here in ADI SAR1L!

Hope to see you soon here in the 'verse!