Saitek X52 issues

I’ve been having an issue with my Saitek X52 HOTAS system, where whenever a target enters my field of view my reticle (and gimbal’d weapons) lock up in their last position. This does not affect pitch, yaw, or roll, but makes it incredibly difficult to aim. I’ve currently resorted to locking my weapons to the center of my screen, but I need to fix this so I can pass combat pilot certifications better. I’m currently running the latest version of Windows 10 and the PTU. Any help is appreciated!

did you download the xml ADI did for the 52?

Affirmative, but the config isn’t what’s causing the issues. I tried all versions of drivers for the controller, and there was no fix… I’m at a loss for what to do, seeing as I was going to be applying as a combat pilot…

Well Davis, as one with the X52 setup i might just be able to help you with your issues. though it would be better to help you when on mumble.
First, when in SC, go to options, controlbindings and look up what the bindings are for aiming on your hotas. and then slowly re-apply your settings again, one by one, and check the effect after each, until all done… Let me know if that help, if not then the issue is not with the hotas, but elsewhere.

Best of luck :mrgreen:

Thanky much pal, I’ll give it a go when I get home!

If i’m not mistaken, the xml files aren’t up to date at the moment…i could be wrong

Yeah, I heard that as well.

Well… I’m using the XML file for x52 and it has been working for almost from the get go… at least in regard to axis…

X52 profiles were updated in January for 2.0, and there don’t appear to be any hotas mapping differences in 2.1.2.

I have the January X52 .xml from our site. It works perfectly so far.
Make sure you follow the instructions, and disable the clutch too.

Clutch is disabled, and I have the latest XML, I really don’t think the issue is there… Maybe I just got a defective one? Seems unlikely, but I can’t figure out what the hell is causing this… Still have yet to try rebinding my controls though, haven’t had the time.

A couple things you may want to try is to delete your user folder in SC and let SC recreate it when it starts up again. Trash your current XML and download it again so you know you have a clean copy.

Also if you are not using a powered USB hub, I would encourage you to get one. The siateck sticks are known to be power hogs and not function properly if not augmented by a powered USB hub. They are not expensive. Here is a link to some. … Caps%2C220

Copy that, thank you all for the help :slight_smile:

reading this and deciding I am an idiot.

Why’s that?