Saitek X52 for sale

I am selling my Saitek X52

These joysticks are a great mid level quality, however they are power hogs and con overload the USB ports of your PC. Trust me I spent two years chasing a problem that was only solved with a self powered USB hub. I will only sell this with the self powered hub as I don’t want anyone having my nightmare.

Saitek X52 and self powered hub $130 and buyer pays for shipping. I will ship international, but we need to discuss where it is going and what priority may be needed.

Doesn’t USB 3.0 spec higher power to the ports? I haven’t had an issue with my x52…yet

Some MB can and some can’t handle it.

I have a friend i know that would be greatly interested in this, he will be joining the company after he buys a ship. He should be up in the next 2 hours, i will reply back then with if he wants it or not.

Never got a response from him, sorry for wasting your time.

No worries…I just got back on.