in VS I did well with LN and Gladius (used during free flight week) moving through waves. I think I am a horrible pilot so thought the Hornet was for me. therefore during free flight week I tried the Hornet. I died 1st wave every time. I thought with my limited skill the Hornet/SH would be made for me but I shine in Gladius. I am confused (seriously.)

How does Sabre compare to Gladius?

I love how the Sabre looks and it is/was my dream ship but maybe my skill set lets me perform better in Gladius.
(Note the Hornet was flown during a revision 2.0 and Gladius 1.X of software so do not know hoe much was craft or AC bugs/changes.)

Sabre will wreck a gladius.
currently the Sabre is my favorite fighter. I would highly recommend it.

If I melt my LX Comb start package 35 (I get nervous thinking about selling on grey market where it would probably go for 60 or so.)
I wish I was healthy and could work.

make sure you keep at least 1 package.
Sabre will be off sale soon (today), so make sure its available before melting.
Then you can do an upgrade of your existing package, if you wish. It will keep your game/goodies, and upgrade your ship to the sabre.
this would let you use the melt value of the 1 package, and the value of the ship in your current package to reduce the cost.

Or you can just buy the standalone and apply the melt credits to reduce the cost.

The Sabre is undoubtedly better as a dogfighter, but the Gladius will still have a place, and frankly, it’s almost half the price. You’re still going to have an excellent ship in the Gladius. It’s faster than the Sabre, and likely more maneuverable. It’ll be far cheaper to repair or even lose. It might have upgrades available to it in the long term through the PU that the Sabre cannot utilize. There’s a lot of unknowns in that sense, so I shouldn’t speculate.

In the end, it’s an interception ship. It’s also smaller. You’ll still be able to perform well with it, and they may make some changes to it that make the little ship fantastic. The biggest issues it has are the gun sizes available to it, and the locked nose. Once those are addressed, I’ll be picking one up again for sure.

Keep what you have an earn the Sabre in-game. It won’t take you long at all to do so. Don’t sweat not being able to purchase it now. You can always rent one for awhile using REC.